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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Your Cash to Drug Barrons or Charity ? The beggar's bow

This is what I have called the 'beggars bow' (as it could look like a bow or a figure 8) - I expect others have come up with similar charts before but it is my view of how giving to charity, rather than beggars in the street is a better solution if you wish to improve society long term and get them into jobs that last.

Many people think that welfare is a "trap" - but until the REAL corruption - the interlinking of governments with the crime business is sorted out - the red route is still the most HUMANE way to deal with the majority of vulnerable people in western society - that have fallen through the safety net and are on the street.

I think that once the basic needs are met, most people on welfare WANT to work and contribute to the community, but forcing them into low waged jobs or workfare, that still require welfare to make it up into a living wage - is not the answer - the person is still trapped.

- I think what is needed is more specialist training, to get people into self employment - a trade like fixing PC's, printers, laptops for example would give poor people skills to earn money, another option might be teaching people how to create a product and sell it via the internet AND how to pay the correct tax / not lose money while sales are just starting.

- This basic training is never done so, most people fail at small business, not because they don't have products and services, but because the fear of being told you are cheating by government is greater than the fear of poverty if you are already poor.

REAL help with filling in tax forms also is lacking- if a specific skill could be learned (at any age) people would have something to use to make money, rather than CUTTING welfare and minimum wages - they should be put up - BUT add a strong incentive (not tax breaks or bonuses but HELP) - i.e if you go self employed the government will help/support you with your tax forms - not accuse you of cheating or demand you pay without understanding the end users problem/support needs.

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