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Friday, 6 May 2011

Evening all - personal blog 8 - stuff I've done last couple days

Went to Sand bay for the first time in a year, yesterday, first time for Maggie with us.  (Sand bay is a little cove with beach,  a couple shops and some vacation accommodation near Weston-super-Mare)

Here's some photos of it on a cloudy day:

You can see Birnbeck pier in the distance (was HMS Birnbeck during World War 2) currently closed to public, they tested the 'bouncing bomb' in these waters. The beach is further around on the left, out of sight here.

The hill is called Worlebury Woods (the Victorians planted trees on it, when they turned the Weston/Worle/Kewstoke into a summer retreat for Londoners) and had a Roman Fort on once, the grain pits can still be found up there.  My mom bumped into a group of lost tourists up there once, they were all dressed in suits and it was thick with mud, she told them to watch out for the pits (in a strong farmer/countryside accent) as the Roman's used to bury people in them too, lolz, they were very polite apparently :-)

This is from the same spot but looking to the right - the crocodile shaped land mass is called Sandpoint, home to sheep and cows, There is an abbey somewhere around there called the Priory.  Wetlands are infront, an Ice cream van is usually at the base of sandpoint, loos are currently closed, hopefully they will do up building and open as a cafe - with loos instead!

Haven't done much else, figured out how to get the app store working on the android tablet, I'm still thinking of getting a nokia again as it's RSS reader and size is easier for holding/reading news in bed, but not sure if it's worth the risk, I'm still playing majong on the nokia as the app store is still not working well enough to give me games.

UK, England - Weston-super-Mare mouse pad 

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  1. What a great post! Thanks for sharing.



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