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Monday, 17 January 2011

How UK Gov make a new plan ?

These is how many think the government makes decisions - with out using research - a stab in the dark, I like this guy's cartoons - many families have disabled people in - is it right that the government sticks to the one line "we will help the most vulnerable" - it is a very vague statement - remembering that the coalition was 'made up' in a week of talking - is it fair to assumse that their policies were also drawn on a beer mat at the dog and duck one lunch time - do Osborne or Miller who who cuts will effect yet or are they STILL using the disabled as guinea-pigs in the 'radical' plans they are so fond of ?

I believe that everyone, in theory is capable of some kind of work, but being forced into unsuitable work is not the answer. PEOPLE NEED OPTIONS!

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