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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Question: how does a person capitalize on a trend and make money to get them out of the poverty trap if they are not a capitalist ? - By Capitalist I mean the type that either outsources work to a company like foxconn where workers are underpaid in comparison to this country or they otherwise exploit a workforce by scaring them into working by threats and punishment ?, as so far this seems to be the only option to make a profit in the world we live in, by trickery.There are some clever people out there that say there are alternatives but they seem to be mocked or ignored as crackpots by the rightwingers, is abusing and deceiving people the only way to generate a profit on-line ? or are there really ethical companies that don't hide their money in tax haven's exploit poor people and nudge and wink child labour like many of the big brands have done in the past ?For example if banks were built on the blood of slavery - how can I be expected to respect that ?

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