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Saturday, 13 November 2010

..and one more thing... why the heck have I got two of me here on amplify ? - something weird is going on with facebook connect, I know I have a wee bit of a split personality on some platforms, but I seem to have an identical twin now, one of them was a girl called sarah hurley the other day, she has now become a clone of me, or is the multiverse sending me a message from the future * zara wonders off to find john titor as usual*

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Hi This is Zara Lockwood's Personal blog (that does have stuff on it I sell too!) - I will be looking at light hearted current affairs and bit's from the UK, memories, photos etc. Currently living in south west of UK (Bridgwater, Somerset), have lived in Glastonbury, London, Burnham-on-sea, Reading, born in Plymouth, ancestors all over UK and USA - so we are probably related if you have European or UK roots!

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