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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Afternoon all - personal blog 7 - what I've been up to

Sunny day again in Blighty, Apart from bin laden the news here seems to be a wash with Pippa Middleton, sister of Royal Kate, I think the majority of google searches are by men, as all the lads on talksport (the only national talkradio station in UK) seem to be talking about her, but it could be younger women looking to pick up fashion tips.

I remember when Charles and Di got married and all women were trying to look like Diana - I remember the flicked hair, set rock solid with hair spray, of the older girls in my neighbourhood, I've got pictures of women I drew at the time (as a kid) that all looked like little Diana clones, I will have to dig out those books a digitze some of my childhood stuff at some point.

Just about to take the dogs out again, brandy bear is still wanting to meet the boy dogs, maggie wonders what all the fuss is, but loves the extra walks that brandy is taking us on to calm herself down.

Blogfrog - yep need to get active in there, see if their are any more single folk jumping on board.

London England Big Ben across River Thames Art Print Poster - 24x36 
London England Big Ben across River Thames Art Print Poster - 24x36

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