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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Evening all - personal blog 3 - stuff I've done

Crazy mood swings continued all day, got angry about wordpress, it used to be so simple, now you are expected to mess with all the settings to prevent hackers, I might like it again if they invent a proper tool to secure it - i.e I'm not fiddling with file permissions and don't do htaccess SQL malarky- I just want something that plugs and plays - blogger is better at all that tweaking then me! - so the buddypress club is not happening - I'll use something else.

Anyway cheered up a bit when I found some google insight tools which lead me to the dukan diet, which looks a bit like the atkins diet but you eat oats - need to check which sort of oats - it looks like my diet already except all the sweets I eat on top... o_O

Got a feeling that oats might be one of those fat burning foods like lemon is.

Anyway slightly less stressed now, so going to bed (it's just gone 11pm here in UK) usually I am reading the news on my tablet by now in bed, getting real withdrawal symptoms, bank holiday on monday, I will be waiting by the mail box like a puppy.

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Hi This is Zara Lockwood's Personal blog (that does have stuff on it I sell too!) - I will be looking at light hearted current affairs and bit's from the UK, memories, photos etc. Currently living in south west of UK (Bridgwater, Somerset), have lived in Glastonbury, London, Burnham-on-sea, Reading, born in Plymouth, ancestors all over UK and USA - so we are probably related if you have European or UK roots!

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