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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Afternoon all - personal blog 5 - what I've been up to

Okay, so off-line, watched the Royal Wedding as you do if you are a Brit of the age that remembers the street parties in UK when Charles and Di got married.

I'm not going to go into the wealth debate...

Stuff - joined a site called empire avenue - it looks like a more complicated version of friends for sale

I got myself a cheap tablet pc with wifi off eBay - it's an earlier/used version but is good enough to see what tweaks I can make to my blogs with it's functions (android 1.6) I think I will need to be looking at some tablet/mobile templates for blogs, as it is like going back 10 years in some ways - I have a fast web connection, but I found the limitations of the device within a few hours of playing with it - no problems though, for the price - I got it for well under $50 including p&p :-)

The tablet will help me in other ways I'm sure, it got me to build a web page for find things quickly for a start - mobile gubbins is somewhere to store my bookmarks, the ones I read in bed to catch up on what people are doing and sites/forums I chat in - example I catch up with techcrunch / business insider via facebook as it is quick loading and you can leave comments.

Other things - the doggette brandy is still on heat, so she is on the lead a couple more weeks yet.

I've had tooth ache last couple days so that has been nagging me, got some strong(ish) painkillers to knock that on the head.

Having a sort out to create another lot for a carboot sale, I still get the urge to become an Auction trading assistant as places like eBay are still the easiest places to sell stuff other than yard sales or classifieds - then it's only profit in pennies, it surprises me that anyone makes a full or even part time living on-line, really does...

Anyway going to go now before it depresses me too much thinking about it.

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