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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Afternoon all - personal blog 2 - tasks I have

Sunny day here in UK, blue sky, dogs are lounging about the house.

My mood has been up and down like a yo yo last couple days, withdrawal symptoms from lack of web access in bed is partly to blame as I catch up on news and surf facebook friends walls in bed to keep me connected with events, I've snagged myself a bargain tablet on eBay - but I won't know for sure until it's in my hands and working, but hopefully I will be able to login to blogger, twitter and my blog frog community easier as it's an android tablet.

Next on my buying wish list - is a skype phone (hand held) which might encourage me to communicate verbally with people, and I want a hand free headset that is connected to the landline so I can make the most of the website hosting service I offer, as if I have my handfree I can look up domain names for people and get their accounts set up 'live'.

Other stuff i've got to do is get my ebook store sorted out - I have a shop system, loaded with default ebooks, but I want to add my own selection and maybe give way the $1.00 book for free - I wonder if paypal do a voucher code system ? - other option is I could include free membership to my ebook club if a person purchases a $1.00 book - I will probably get kindle books on there too, the ebook store has lots of potential, needs tweaking, but John Thornhill did a good customization of a public domain store, so he is still one of my fav. marketers from UK!

Adding things to more than other sites on my network at the moment as lemons and the coffee niche are my two of most interest, however I might look up some new blogger templates for others with a 'read more' layout.

lots to keep me busy, I have 4 reviews to write, and i have started  taking mental notes on films I watch (will use tablet when arrives) to make use of the BT vision box I was saddled with - at least it can stream stuff now! (BT vision is like an internet TV box that streams movies, provided by BT which are like the equivalent of AT&T in the States.

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