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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hey bernie this is already happening...

....I have a BT vision box ya know and it does what the founder of webpages as we know them says will KILL THE INTERNET! - I think I get what he is saying - as if they "traffic shape" the speed of the web what this will mean is that websites your ISP's don't like or aren't paying a fee to be on the network will slow down in downloading speeds - while this is cool for upsetting illegal websites as it could basically kill off filesharing - it might also kill off independent websites like wikipedia or your business website. another good reason to get your user generated content on a main players server - i.e get your articles and videos on any ISP (like AOL or BT) and sites that have TV boxes like Yahoo,Google,Apple - that way if your business is "pulled" via Facebook through a google TV box you should be okay, as in not, traffic shaped off the planet as you are joined at the hip of someone who pays to be streamed - a bit like those tiny fish that clean the bigger fishes teeth - small business = tooth cleaner big business = clean my teeth minions!

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