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Sunday, 8 January 2012

helloo 2012

Haven't been here in a while, off exploring twitterland, making websites & generally throwing ideas about.

This year I might try and do some instructional blogs on arts and craft subjects as I'm interested in felt and basic sewing/knitting at the moment - tried rug making last year but all my rugs came out mis shapped, might need to look up why they did that!

I can't be bothered to maintain all my web hosting accounts so I am just going to let everything expire, I might keep and as they are quite cool, maybe

Setting up a club system was my original plan... as well, time to move on try different things.

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Hi This is Zara Lockwood's Personal blog (that does have stuff on it I sell too!) - I will be looking at light hearted current affairs and bit's from the UK, memories, photos etc. Currently living in south west of UK (Bridgwater, Somerset), have lived in Glastonbury, London, Burnham-on-sea, Reading, born in Plymouth, ancestors all over UK and USA - so we are probably related if you have European or UK roots!

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