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Friday, 11 February 2011

Welcome to nowhere

Welcome to nowhere
Originally uploaded by Scott Beveridge
Welcome to nowhere

Chapter 1: The warning signs were there

A sprawling junkyard greeted motorists when they drove into Webster from the south end of town in the early 1960s. The rusting 1957 Chevys piled atop beat up 1948 Fords should have warned anyone who was planning to move there to turn around and drive off at top speed to a nicer landscape....

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Hi This is Zara Lockwood's Personal blog (that does have stuff on it I sell too!) - I will be looking at light hearted current affairs and bit's from the UK, memories, photos etc. Currently living in south west of UK (Bridgwater, Somerset), have lived in Glastonbury, London, Burnham-on-sea, Reading, born in Plymouth, ancestors all over UK and USA - so we are probably related if you have European or UK roots!

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