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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The lady whom faked cancer on channel 5 news - interesting story it's not showing up in google - I wonder if they are worried about copy cat fakes ? - as someone pretending to have a terminal illness for sympathy must have something seriously wrong mentally - there are other cases on this that are showing up, same system of shaving head and faking chemo etc. - Why are they so quick to right off women that do things like this as con artists ? - I'd say it was an mental illness of some sort like anorexia - the lack on guilty feels or self loathing for telling your own pre school kids you are 'dying soon' is clearly not right - the woman that hid her kid in a bed for money, has the same mental disorder, same as that America soldier woman that abused people in Iraq - maybe they are psychotic ? and should be getting treatment rather than being made lepers by society.

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