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Thursday, 16 December 2010

If you blogvertise or sell or comment via blogs/twitter UK listen up

If it isn't clear you are doing it for money rather than just 'sharing the love' you might get done by the office of trade trading - this includes COMMENTS on twitter. Where does this leave "networkers" that promote advertisements while making social connection via social networks ? - it could get messy - some of the people i follow are in it for the money AND friendship - I'm also in it for the potential money and making friendships at the same time - plus how to add a disclaimer to a twitter feed ?

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Hi This is Zara Lockwood's Personal blog (that does have stuff on it I sell too!) - I will be looking at light hearted current affairs and bit's from the UK, memories, photos etc. Currently living in south west of UK (Bridgwater, Somerset), have lived in Glastonbury, London, Burnham-on-sea, Reading, born in Plymouth, ancestors all over UK and USA - so we are probably related if you have European or UK roots!

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