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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Black Triangle using Facebook causes app

Black Triangle is aimed at people that are worried about the future for disabled, the poor and the sick in UK - there are 61 million people in UK and 1 in 5 people depend on a benefit of some sort either to top up low wages, pay rent or just pay for quality of life if they can't work.

Disabled and sick are being forced on to lower benefits or into work, told they are scroungers by right wing papers, old people are also going to get their housing benefits cut.

* The CAB is in Financial Crisis,
* Landlords aren't lowering rents they are raising them,
* Social housing rent is going up
* People in council homes with kids will be forced to move house every 2 years
* Civic pride will go out the window for these properties.

If you don't think this will effect you, REMEMBER 1 in 5 in UK need a benefit of some sort JUST to get them a decent quality of life.

A 10 or 20 quid drop a week might not seem a lot to you - but to the most vulnerable - it is the difference between having the heating on in winter or not.

If you want more old grannies dying of cold - fair enough, ignore this like the UK government are, blame it on some old bloke like lord young, while the men laughing in Parliament at the sick carry on smiling - The UK may as well be run by Rupert Murdoch - they are already planing your kids future eating habits with the help of Macdonald and Pepsi writing the health policy - I so wish that was a joke :-( JOIN THE CAUSE FIGHT THE CUTS!

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