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Monday, 15 November 2010

viva la revolution - no really - there is trouble at mill

a rich man is stealing the bread from a disabled persons hands - arrest him officer - no not the one in a effing chair...

I am sick of hearing about all the bl**dy cuts this government is doing to the poor, old and disabled - they are constantly focusing on making work pay - by reducing the stand of living for those that don't or can't - that is called punishment - can these people not tell the difference - and why do they smile so much when talking about it - are they sadists - I remember why I don't like people that smile now - it is something authoritarians do before they go in for the kill - because they get off on causing pain to others.

they also borrowed the slogan "we are all in this together" from a website full of images of real dead bodies - I guess these is one of their sick inside jokes too.

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